Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lime Crime: 3 New Spring Shades

Lime Crime is an American webshop owned by Doe Deere who calls herself the Queen of Unicorns. That's probably the reason you'll find incredibly cute unicorns on the packaging. It is known for its bright coloured lipsticks and its 'Magic Eye Dusts', which are pigments. MissLipgloss reviewed a few of them and they look promising. If you're curious about the lipsticks you might want to check out Temptalia who did a post about all the lipsticks that are already available. There are some unusual colours available like a light blue and a black, but also more common colours like red and bright pink. For this spring Lime Crime launches 3 new shades:

Mint to be: The shade we’ve all been waiting for, a romantic pop of pastel glory.
Coquette: Pale pinky nude. Will it conceal or reveal?
New Yolk City: A banana-cream-dream on the city scene.

The Lime Crime Lipsticks cost: $16.00

Again some unusual shades. Would you wear mint-green or cream-yellow on your lips? I wouldn’t but I can imagine there are people out there who like it. So it's good there are colours like these available, it does set your company apart from the others. Coquette might look like something I would wear. I’ve never tried any Lime Crime lipsticks. Have you already tried any of the Lime Crime lipsticks? Do you like them? Why (not)? Do you want to try a Lime Crime Lipstick? Please let me know in the comments!

xoxo Kelly

You can order Lime Crime at: http:
Doe Deere also has a blog you might want to check out:
Or our Dutch readers can also order Lime Crime it at the Dutch webshop Boozyshop.


Anonymous said...

love these colors, i'd totally try em out!

Anonymous said...

I have tried almost all of the shades and they are amazing! I get a lot of compliments :)