Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gosh + Manhattan lip combo

Soooo I own these to colors for a long time, but I don't like how they look on me seperatly. The Gosh lipgloss is a shimmery pink with 'cool' blue/pearly undertones which I don't like. The Manhattan lipstick is a very brownish nude which I don't like either.. TOGETHER though... I found out that they look very nice!

Manhatten Lipstick N53

Gosh Lipgloss Cool Lip Jam 106 (Do you see the blue/pearly undertones??)

Mixed Together

This is how it looks on my lips :)

pretty pink glitters!

Hello girls!

Today I have another glitter manicure for you! I'ts a very feminine and glamourous look.
the nailpolishes I used are: "Doll house"from China glaze, and "Just married" from Catrice.
 "Just married" is a very light pink colour, so it is hard to get this shade to look opaque on your nails. I had to apply 3 coats of this nailpolish. It took a lot of time to dry, but it was worth it, because the colour is gorgeous. On top of the Catrice nailpolish I applied "Doll house". This is a clear nailpolish with very large hexagonal glitters in it. This nailpolish from China glaze is great to use as a topcoat. I wouldn't recommend to wear it on your nails without an opaque colour as base coat, because you would need a lottttttttttttt of layers to get "Doll house" opaque.

This is my result:

What do you think about this nail-do?

X Christina

Friday, February 25, 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick, Spring 2011

Gloss is good, but there’s nothing quite as wonderfully, worldly cinematic as a Lipstick – and they’re coming back! We’ve updated formulas to make it all plausible. Sheen Supreme is the combination of the strong, sensually saturated colour of, say, Tilda Swinton’s I Am Love Milanese Lipstick, leavened with the light feel and clear vibrancy, the see-through sheen of a modern New York City Girl Gloss. Imagine no muddy undertones, gliding in pearl or creme finish, moisturizing with no sticky/tacky feel. It’s a new medium, with M∙A∙C in the lead. This is retro/modern – and devastatingly chic.

Release date:
USA: March 3, 2011
Nederland: March ?, 2011

Sheen Supreme Lipstick ($14.50 €?)
Bare Again: Pinky neutral beige
Behave Yourself: Light blue pink
Can’t Get Enough: Beige neutral
Can’t Resist: Golden purplish red
Full Speed: Bright clean yellow pink
Good to Be Bad: Deep burgundy
Gotta Dash!: Pale coral
Impressive: Neutral gilded plum
Insanely It: Watermelon pink
Look at Her!: Metallic copper
New Temptation: Vivid blue red
Quite the Thing!: Deep blue plum
Supremely Confident: Pale nude
Ultra Darling: Mid-tone yellow pink
(Source: Temptalia)

These will become part of the regular line. The price for The Netherlands is still unknown but I will update this post as soon as I find out more. Are you interested in these lipsticks? As a lipstick-lover it caught my attention, but I want to wait for swatches before I decide to buy one. I think the promo image is pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to do that, drawing with a lipstick on a mirror. I wouldn’t use a MAC lipstick for that though. Anyone else also bothered by the models chipped nails?

xoxo Kelly

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glamorous simple hairstyle using #carmen curlers

Hi there,

For those of you who are interested in a simple glamorous everyday look check this out! FYI: I have quit thick curly hair , but since I started growing my hair out, the curls turned into waves because of the weight. When I want to give my hair some extra volume and body I use my loveely carmen curl set:

This is how I did it:

On my wet hair I always apply a leave-in conditioner and a heat protector first.
Then I blowdry it utill it's like 80% dry, brush it and then you're ready to put it the curlers. Make sure the curlers are hot enough.
I prefer to work from top to bottem, so I start with my bangs etc.
Let it sit for 15/20 minutes, and take them out.
Spray some hairspray all over and your ready!

Ofcourse you can add a cute bobby pin or headband if you like.

What do you think of this quick affordable hairstyle?


MAC Cremeblend Blush Collection, Spring 2011

For every contour control freak, for every persistent perfectionist comes this wondrous way to play with blush that gives you the most magnificent flexibility you’ve ever had…Starts creamy, stays creamy and proves once and for all that powder is NOT your only prerogative. You can get back to a new build for that retro “rouge” look Old Hollywood Glamour made modern or stop at subtle and natural; it’s all in your hands. In three aspects, two shades of each: One matched to skin, one for a brighter glow and one darker for cream contouring, it’s perfect for all skin colours, minus the silicone, particularly adept at preventing ashiness on darker complexions. Make powdery a thing of the past.
Release date:
USA: March 3, 2011
Nederland: March 12, 2011

Cremeblend blush ($18.50 €?)
So Sweet, So Easy: bright yellow pink
Something Special: light coral
Posey: warm peach
Ladyblush: warm neutral coral
Brit Wit: dusty rosy mauve
Tea Petal: mid-tone reddish brown

These will become part of the permanent collection. The official prices for the Netherlands are still unknown but I will update this post as soon as I know more. I own one cream blush from Illamasqua and I absolutely love it. I will do a review on it soon.

Have you ever tried cream blush? Do you like it? Why (not)? Do you want to try out these new Cremeblend blushes?

xoxo Kelly

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holographic nails "Atlantis"

This is a very beautiful nailpolish from China Glaze. "Atlantis" is one of my favourite "holographics".
This polish has a gorgeous green/blue colour that reminds me of the ocean. And it contains loads of glitter!!

I used a blue/green nailpolish from H&M ( #Bella's choice) as base coat, then I applied three coats of "Atlantis". I did this to get it opaque.
This is my result:

What do you think about holographic nailpolishes? Which one is your favourite?

X Christina

New York Colour Make-up available in the Netherlands in March

In March New York Colour Make-up will be available in the Netherlands in the drugstore chain Kruidvat. This brand is new to the Netherlands but is already available in other countries. It’s a budget brand, all the prices will be between €2,00 and €5,00. Same price range as brands like Essence and Catrice. I’m really curious about the Lip Stains and I’ll probably buy one.

Are you familiar with this brand? Any products you recommend?

xoxo Kelly

For product information you can check out their site:

Review: GOSH Effect Powder, Butterfly

Butterfly is a beautiful lilac-purple pigment. When used dry it has decent colour pay-off and looks a bit glittery but when used wet the colour pay-off is even better and it reveals a gorgeous metallic sheen. When you use this product dry it can get a bit messy so I recommend using this product wet.

Swatch GOSH Effect Powder Butterfly, dry/wet

The products comes in a glass jar with a screw top black cap. It looks very sophisticated. When you screw the cap off, you’ll find a sifter so the product won’t spill. If you don’t like sifters you can quite easily take this one out.

This jar costs €7,49 but this brand is often on sale. The jars aren’t that big so it doesn’t feel like a waste of money when you know you won’t use it all. These GOSH Effect Powders are a more affordable and easier to get by than than MAC pigments. Also because it’s a pigment you can use it for other things than just your eyes. I once mixed this in with my hairspray to create my very own glitter hairspray.

+ Al lot of colours available (neutrals and bright colours)
+ Good colour pay-off
+ Often on Sale
+ You don’t need a lot
+ Multi-purpose product
+ Good pigmentation
- Can be messy when used dry
- All lot of fall-out when used dry

Do you like using pigments? Which brands do you like? Or are they too messy and too much work in your opinion?

xoxo Kelly

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick tip: Lush UK site back online!

A few weeks ago we got the horrible news that the Lush UK site was hacked but Lush has put together a temporary website to bridge the time gap before they launch a brand new website! The temporary website is not as packed with features and functions as the full website but you can order products online and you can also order with PayPal now.

Lush UK site:

Are you just as curious about the new Lush site as I am?

xoxo Kelly

NOTD: Sabrina Long Wear 717

Another color I bought in Greece (last summer) which I think goes with every season. Whether it is summer or winter, this color goes with every look - that's why I love it so much and want to share it with you :).
I don't really know how to describe this color; I would say it is dark red, with purple undertones. It was opaque in just one coat. (sorry for my dry cuticles)
About the long wear: This won't last perfectly for a week, it started to chip off after 5 days.

I am not sure about the price, but it was around €3,50. 
What are you wearing on your nails?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick tip: Dutch MAC website!

Yes, finally there is a Dutch MAC website: Right now there isn’t that much information available on it, there is no product and price information and you can’t order online, but hopefully (and I’ll keep my fingers crossed) that will happen soon.
Would you be really happy if you could order MAC online? And if you can already order MAC online, do you often order online? I would be so happy because it would mean I don’t have to travel for over an hour to get some MAC products!

xoxo Kelly

Beauty on a Budget: Essence Silky Touch Blush, 30 Secret It-girl

Looking beautiful doesn’t have to cost you a lot. In Beauty on a Budget I’ll share with you my favourite budget beauty products and I’ll review them for you.

Secret It-girl is a peachy-orange, with shimmer. A lovely quite neutral colour. It’s actually quite pigmented, I still remember the old blushes from Essence, which weren’t pigmented. I really had to swirl my brush into the pan and I hit pan in no time. This blush is not like that at all.

Clear plastic, looks cheap but hey, it is cheap!

This blush costs €2,49 for 5 grams of product, a bargain and brands like Essence are often on sale.

+ Really cheap
+ Good colour pay-off
+ Often on sale
- Only 4 colours available
- No matt colours available

Do you buy a lot of drugstore brand make-up? Which brands do you like?

xoxo Kelly

Trend watch: Decenario Bracelets

The hype around the popular, from origin Brazilian bracelets has finally reached The Netherlands. (We're always a little behind on everything, but HEY!! when you were focusing on Shakira's bracelets during the Worldcup of 2010, we were too busy reaching the finals OK ;)!!


The bracelets come in a bunch of diferent colors.
They are said to bring good luck and each color has a special meaning:

White: Friendship
Green:  Health
Yellow: Energy, Increase Creativity
Red:  Love, Passion.
Pink: Consolation
Brown: Concentration
Grey: Wisdom
Orange: Success
Light Blue:  Reconciliation
Dark Blue: (Self) Confidence
Purple:  Inner Strength, Control
Black:  Balance

As soon as the weather starts clearing up over here (it is still freezing...) I will definitely order some of these bracelets :) I think they look really cute for spring/summer.
Have you seen people wearing the bracelets or do you have them yourselve?

For our European readers: you can order the bracelets on  (they also deliver to some European countries).


MAC Future Face Collection, Spring 2011

M∙A∙C forges ahead with a three-in-one force: Powder, Foundation and Tinted Moisturizer altogether. First, Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder blurs the line between skincare and makeup, with a pressed texture that beautifies as it benefits. Gives a sheer to medium, smooth, even coverage for a flawlessly soft and even tone with caring, comforting properties. Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 shade extensions fill in all the gaps. A broad, all-inclusive shade range means M∙A∙C Artists can cover everybody, one beautiful conquest at a time. Call your clients most in need of convincing, and watch what happens!

Release date:
USA: February 17, 2011
Nederland: February 19, 2011

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation ($26.50 €27,50)
N18, NW18, NW22, NW33, NW44, NW46, NW48, NW58

Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($29.50 €25,50)
Medium Plus: Tan beige
Dark Plus: Neutral tan beige

Studio Careblend/Pressed ($23.00 €23,50)
Light Soft: pale beige
Light Plus: Pale golden beige
Medium Soft: creamy beige
Medium Plus: Tan beige
Medium Dark: Caramel beige
Medium Deep: Rich golden tan
Dark Deep: caramel
Dark Deep: Rich golden bronze

190 Foundation Brush ($32.00 €37,00)
150 Large Powder Brush ($42.00 €48,00)

All these items will become part of the permanent collection and the brushes are already part of the permanent collection. Have you already tried some of these products? Was your perfect shade already available or is it now?

xoxo Kelly

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection, Spring 2011

Banish any thought of being a Plain Jane: M∙A∙C and Wonder Woman have joined forces! For Spring 2011, take a trip to Paradise Island with a legendary line up of super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, bold Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and oversized Lipglass, jumbo-big Powder Blush and Penultimate Eye Liner, Nail Lacquer and Lash inspired by the larger-than-life Bold Babe. Dashing and dazzling, the iconic super heroine reminds us that inside every woman is a Mighty Aphrodite full of courage, confidence and charisma. Kaboom! Mission Accomplished!

Release date:
USA: February 10, 2011
Nederland: March 5, 2011

Lipstick ($15.50 €18,50)
Marquise d’: Sandy cream peach (Lustre) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Brunette, Blonde, Redhead ’09)
Russian Red: Intense bluish-red (Matte) (Permanent)
Spitfire: Bright creamy magenta (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Heroine: Brown bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($19.50 €20,50) (Supersize)
Emancipation: Pale neutral pink (Limited Edition)
Wonder Woman: Bright red with soft pearl (Limited Edition)
Athena’s Kiss: Bright blue fuchsia (Limited Edition)
Secret Identity: Mid-tone copper with soft pearl (Limited Edition)

Opulash Mascara ($15.00 €18,00)
Victorious: Purple (Limited Edition)
Army of Amazons: Green (Limited Edition)
Themyscira: Blue (Limited Edition)
Black: Black (Permanent)

Penultimate Eye Liner ($18.50 €21,00) (Supersize)
Rapidblack: True black (Permanent)

Nail Lacquer ($14.00 €12,00)
Obey Me: True red (Limited Edition)
Spirit of Truth: Navy blue (Limited Edition)

Lash ($14.00 €11,00)
#48 Lash

Defiance Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 €41,00)
Defiance: Iridescent white pink (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
Paradise Island: Soft warm pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Star Studded: Mid-tone violet pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Real Drama: Dark burgundy with pink pearl (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 €41,00)
Lady Justice: Bright silver with white pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Insurmountable: Dirty blue grey (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
Bold Babe: Deep metal blue with white pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Deep Truth: True dark blue (Frost) (Permanent)

Valiant Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 €41,00)
Valiant: Light lime with yellow pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Spinning Transformation: Deep olive bronze with yellow pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
Diana Undercover: Dark forest green (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Manila Paper: Pale frost white gold (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Spring Colour Forecast ’10)

Reflects Glitter ($21.00 €22,00)
Reflects Pearl: White glitter with pearl sheen (Glitter) (Permanent at PRO)
Reflects Bronze: Sparkling rich gold (Glitter) (Permanent at PRO)

Pigment ($21.00 €22,00)
Bright Fuchsia: Bright magenta (Permanent at PRO)
Marine Ultra: Vivid marine blue (Permanent at PRO)

Blush Duo ($24.00 €24,00) (Supersize)
Mighty Aphordite: Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright coral pink with gold pearl (Satin/Frost) (Limited Edition)
Amazon Princess: Bright yellow pink/Deep blue pink with gold pearl (Satin/Satin) (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Skinfinish ($35.00 €34,00) (Supersize)
Pink Power: Peachy rose with pink shimmer/Soft rosy bronze/Soft shell pink with fine shimmer (Limited Edition)
Golden Lariat: True coral with fine gold shimmer/Soft suntanned bronze/Soft gold with fine shimmer (Limited Edition)

Wonder Woman Makeup Bag ($30.00 €27,00)
Wonder Woman Red (Limited Edition)
Bulletproof Blue (Limited Edition)

Utility Belt Eye Brush Set ($49.50 €55,00) (Limited Edition)
Includes 224SE, 213SE, and 194SE

Utility Belt Face Brush Set ($49.50 €55,00) (Limited Edition)
Includes 129SE, 109SE, and 190SE

I know I’m a little late, since this collection is already out in the USA. So have you already bought something from this collection? And I’m very curious to know: Do you love or hate the packaging?

I’m thinking of buying the Marquise d’ lipstick, does anyone have experience with it?

xoxo Kelly

Skincare: Dr.Organic Manuka Honey Face Scrub

When it comes to skincare, before writing a review about the product, I always make sure I have been trying the product for 2 weeks so that I can write a honest review based on my opinion.
So for your info: I have combination / sensitive skin. I've had pretty bad acne in the past and that's why I still choose my skincare products with care.

So, I was at De Tuinen a few weeks ago, and saw the whole product range of Dr.Organic. I already read some good reviews about this brand on , and as I needed a new face scrub, I decided to give it a try. I bought it for €7,49.

This is what the packaging says:
A bioactive deep cleansing exfoliant with natural skin restoring and nourishing properties.
Bioactive Organic Manuka Honey has a host of skin repairing a restoring properties. In combination with a complex blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients and formulated using natural micro particles of volcanic lava, com cob powder and ground fruit seed, we have produced an exceptionally deep cleansing, repairing exfoliant that removes impurities and excess oil whilst restoring, nourishing and moisturising the skin to give a radiant youthful glow.

Good to know, all Dr Organic products are:
- Paraben free, - SLS free, -  Do not contain artificial colours, fragrances or harsh preservatives.
- Suitable for vegetarians, and Dr Organis is against animal testing.

I scrub my face twice a week, I really love the way it makes my skin feel, and it doesn't clog my pores.
After using this my skin does glow and feels soooo increadibly soft. Another pro is that my skin never feels tight afterwards, and it also seems to tone it.
It cleans and gently exfoliates without drying, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean, and I really do see a difference after 2 weeks of usage.. (blemishes seem to heal faster, and are less noticeable).

The texture is very thick and creamy, also the microbeads are very fine, not chunky or rough which is good for my sensitive skin.
The scrub is not heavy scented at all, it just has a subtle honey smell which I love.
I think I might have found my new HG :)!
Do you have a HG scrub?