Friday, April 29, 2011

NOTD: Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer 170 I Scream Peach

Today's NOTD is a beautiful peachy/coral, almost orange with a cream finish. It's 170 I Scream Peach by Catrice. Catrice is a brand which you can buy in drugstores in the Netherlands. It's one of my personal favourite drugstore brands. I love Catrice nail polishes, because their cheap, only €2.50 and they stay on 3-5 days and then they start chipping, but usually I've already changed my nail polish by then. I really love this colour, to me it doesn't scream peach but summer! Queen's Day is tomorrow! A Dutch national holiday and our national colour is orange so I thought this colour would be appropriate.

Do you own any Catrice nail polishes? Do you like them as much as I do? Any colours you recommend?

xoxo Kelly

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach

Product: Shimmering Facial Whip
Colour: Golden Peach
Colour Description: a shimmering peachy-gold with glitters
Price: €1,00 $1.00
Availability: online odering only ( (

For just €1,00 you can buy this beautiful highlight product. The tube isn't that big but for that price, I can't complain. The colour is beautiful and can be used to highlight pretty much anything you want, your cheekbone, browbone or your body. There are 8 colours available, from white, pink, brown to gold. The lovely Liza, already reviewed the colour Lilac Petal. You can read her review here. Liza was very clear she absolutely loves this product and I can do nothing else but agree with her.

The product comes in a little squeezy tube and the formula is quite thick. I expected it to be watery because it's so cheap but the consistency of the product was actually quite thick and it really is a great procuct. It gives my skin a beautiful glowy finish. I apply this under my powder foundation on my cheekbones and cupid's bow, sometimes even a little bit on my nose. Be careful not to use too much, you only need a little bit and a little bit goes a long way. If you're looking for a cheap highlighter for you face or body, I totally recommend the E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whips.

Do you own an E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip? Or any other E.L.F. products?

xoxo Kelly

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: Miss Helen Eyeshadow Base (Hema)

Eyeshadow base, I can't live without one! They make your eyeshadows appear more vibrant and they make your eyeshadows stay on longer. A lot of brands sell eyeshadow bases but most of them are pretty expensive. Well I found a great one that is really cheap, it's only €3,25.

It comes in basic, simple looking packaging and it almost looks like a lipgloss, it also has a doe-foot applicator. The product itself looks white with a pearly finish. It stays on really well, I made this swatch and forgot to take it off and saw it before I went to bed and it was still on my arm. The only bad thing about this product is that you will never completely finish it if you leave in in the original packaging. Because of the doe-foot applicator you can't reach for all the product in tube so in the end you will have to cut it open. It would a lot easier if this product would come in a tube.

Do you know any other good and cheap eyeshadow bases?

xoxo Kelly

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haul: Sudocrem, Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner, Kruidvat 'behandelingsolie' Tea Trea oil.

Yesterday I was in Arnhem and just hád to buy something skincare-related. As my wallet didn't allow me to buy somethig expensive, I decided to pick up the following 3 things:

From left to right: Sudocrem €2,49, Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner €9,99, Kruidvat 'behandelingsolie' / tea trea oil €1,99.

The sudocrem and tea trea oil I actually repurchased, because I had finished the old onces. I love to put a little sudocrem on red acnescars before I go to bed, it heals them faster and takes away the redness. Tea Trea oil I like to put on breakouts, it's a natural product and due to its strong ingredients it kills bacteria, and dries the pimple out.

If anybody is interested in more information about these 2 products, let me know! I have been using them for ages now:).

As far as the Dr Organic Skin toner, I have never tried this product out. I do own a scrub from Dr Organic, which I am very satisfied about, you can read the review here: .

Look out for the review about the Toner! All I can already say is that it smells lovely!


Monday, April 18, 2011

NOTD: Eyeko Coral Polish

Today's NOTD is Eyeko's Coral Polish for resort nails. Dreaming of Ipanema beach? This flattering coral bright will get your toes resort-ready. This colour screams summer to me, and I love summer! It's more of an orange-y coral but still a lovely colour. On this picture I'm wearing 2 coats of Coral Polish and no topcoat. This nail polish costs €5.00 but you can also buy Coral Polish in the Summer Hols set togther with Saucy Polish and Punk Polish for only €11.00. I really like Eyeko Polishes, I've already tried 3 colours and they all apply really smoothly, last around a week and Eyeko has some pretty and original colours.

You can order Eyeko nail polishes at:

Do you own any Eyeko Polishes?

xoxo Kelly

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inglot store in Amsterdam!

I read some amazing news on MissLipgloss: as from May, there will be an Inglot store in Amsterdam!
Isn't that great news? The location of the store will be the Van Baerlestraat 8. The exact date of the opening is still unknown, but I will post an update as soon as I find out more. Liza and I are thinking of going there as soon as it opens. The Inglot Freedom System is to die for, you can make yor very own palettes with the colours and products you want. For more information about Inglot or the Inglot Freedom System check out the Inglot site:

Do you own an products from Inglot?

xoxo Kelly

Friday, April 15, 2011

Review + Swatches: Diorskin Nude Foundation in 031 Sand (SPF10)

Hi girls,

Today I will review a high-end beauty product for you guys: The Diorskin Nude natural glow hydrating makup (SPF10).

What the packaging says: Diorskin Nude, the new face makeup that dazzles with freshness. The formulas contain a unique blend of 100% mineral pigments and energizing mineralized water to instantly recreate the perfection of flawless bare skin. Day after day, your skin looks more beautiful and radiant. Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup: this exquisitely silky fluid foundation envelops your skin in a halo of freshness and wellbeing.

This liquid foundation provides light medium/ to full coverage.
It is easy to blend and it is not drying. It really gives you a beautiful glowy/dewy finish that I love. I do use a setting powder over it though, to make sure it'll stay in place the whole day. Because it is a hydrating makeup, to me this is the perfect winter-time foundation, during winter my skin is always a little dry so this is a great solution. During summer though I wouldn't use this, the heat plus the fact that I have oily skin would make this foundation not work for me..

Ok, so far so good.. The packaging is gorgeous (as always). It comes in a glass bottle with a pump.. BIG plus..Very hygenic.
You have to shake very well because otherwise it can cause blockage in the pump.

As you can see I use this in the shade 31-Sand.
The colour range is as follows:
Neutral shades are 010, 020, 030, 040
Yellow undertones are 021, 031, 041
Pink undertones are 022, 032, 042
Peach undertones are 023, 033, 043

In MAC I am an NC30/35 so the MUA matched me with 031 Sand. Which seemed like the perfect match!
The only thing, and at the same time, that 'thing' is the biggest DOWNSIDE on this great foundation.. Is that is oxidizes like hell! The first few days it didn't catch my eye, but later on it striked me that after half an hour, the colour would just have turned two shades darker!!..
So I would really reccomend to always go one shade lighter than your regular shade.. So next time I would definitely go for 021 Linen.

I took some pictures to show you guys..

(outside with flash, just applied)                (outside without flash, just applied)

you can already see it drying up, and changing colour on the outside.
(outside with flash, after a couple of minutes)

(outside without flash, after a couple of minutes)

Do you see the difference? I really love the foundation, the way it applies, the way it looks etc.
This really is the only thing I don't like about it.
I paid €44,80 for it, it's a pretty expensive foundation so I decided to use it. I just mix it with other foundations to get the right colour..

What are you're experiences on this product, I would really like to know if somebody else has the same problem with this foundation..

Let me know!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: L'Oréal Perfect Clean Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash

Our new way to cleanse!
Deep pore cleansing.
Perfect Clean changes the face of cleansing with the Scrublet®, a soft & flexible cleansing brush. Perfect Clean gently removes dirt, oil & make-up for a deep pore cleansing experience. Oil free, this formula is specifically adapted for normal & combination skin. Gently cleansed, your skin is left soft and smooth.

Almost 2 weeks ago Liza wrote a post, which you can read here, about the new L'oréal Paris Perfect Clean line. She bought the Foaming Gentle Scrub and I bought the Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash.

The Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash is for normal to combination skin. I have combination skin, that's the reason I decided to try this one. The product is very easy to use, you just have to put a bit of the product on to the Scrublet, which is described by L'Oréal as a a soft and flexible cleansing brush. It has 500 very soft bristles, it almost feels like a face masage. When you're masaging your face with the Scrublet, the product will turn into foam. You only need a little bit of product as you can see in the picture below. I recommend using this product only once a week, if you use it to many times your skin will actually become very dry. I really like this product, it's not that expensive, only €8,99. I bought it at Etos, a Dutch drugstore. Liza will write a review of the Foaming Gentle Scrub soon.

Have you tried any products from the new L'Oréal Perfect Clean line?

xoxo Kelly

Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally! Urban Decay will be sold in The Netherlands!

I've read some great news on Lushious Beauty: as of May 2011 Urban Decay will be sold in The Netherlands at Sephora! It's not sure yet if all locations will be selling the complete collection of Urban Decay but still it's great news! This means I can just buy Urban Decay whenever I want to and not just when I'm in England. I own the UD Naked Palette and I aboslutely love it! For a review of the UD Naked Palette click here

For a list of all Sephora locations in The Netherlands click here.

Do you like Urban Decay? Will you buy something? Or is Urban Decay already available in your country?

xoxo Kelly

Sunday, April 10, 2011

NOTD: Essence nail art special effect topper in Circus Confetti

I'm sorry but I have to say that I think this product is over-hyped. It's aparently a good dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday. I really like glitter nail polish even though they're difficult to take off. I like my glitter polish to almost be opaque. On the picture I'm wearing 5 (!) coats of Circus Confetti on my nails without a topcoat. It's not opaque at all, not even close. The formula is quite thick with unfortunalely not as much glitters as I expected and you really have to ''place'' the glitters on your nails. On the other hand I paid €1,79 for this polish so I can't really complain about quality.

Have you tried any of the new nail art special effect toppers from Essence?

Does anyone have any tips for taking off glitter nail polish?

xoxo Kelly

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FOTD: Spring Look

As the weather is getting better, I decided to do a fresh spring look with my new favourite lipstick.

Products used:
Foundation: Vichy dermablend 35 (sand) + aerateint 35 (moyen sand)
Concealer: Gosh "touch up" #001
Eyebrowpencil: Essence
Highlighter: E.L.F. facial whip in Lilac Petal
Eyeliner: Essence
Mascara: Maxfactor "fake lash effect"
False Lashes: Eyelure #080
Blush: Mac Fleur Power
Lipstick: Mac Impassioned

Earrings: Bonbini (little shop in Arnhem)
Necklace: Mi Moneda (Soul Arnhem)
Top: Suspence

What do you girls think of this look?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cute Ballet Flats

Recently one of my best friends went to Bangkok (Thailand) for a short holiday. She bought me some cute stuff including these 2 pairs of ballet flats.

Aren't they cute? Ballet flats really go with anything in my opinion, whether you are wearing jeans, a skirt or a dress.
Shopping in Bangkok must be an experience on its own.. She bought sooooo many cool stuff for just a small amount of money. From (fake Mac makeup to semi-permanent eyelash-extensions,..crazy!

Bangkok is definitely one of the places I still want to visit in my life..
Have you ever been in Bangkok/Thailand?
What are your experiences?


Review: E.L.F. Essentials Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner in Bitter

Product: Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner
Colour: Bitter
Colour Description: a bit darker than average red
Price: €1,00 $1.00
Availability: online odering only
( (

For just €1,00 you can buy this lipliner from E.L.F. I was sceptical about this because for that money I expected the colour pay-off to be poor and the formula to be drying. I was wrong! This lipliner has great colour pay-off and isn't drying at all!

I'm sorry the quality of the picutre isn't great

I like to use this as a base under a red lipstick to make it last longer. I really like this lipliner, it's very good, very cheap and it even comes with a sharpener.

Do you use lipliner? Why (not)?

xoxo Kelly

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MAC Primed for Perfection Collection, Spring 2011

MAC owns the primers category. Now we’re talking Prep + Prime further than ever. Use it under, it under,over during,after makeup application, and marvel at the ease with which it can accept concea-ler,cooperate with color. And now, with Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye, P+P advances eyes, focuses po-tential. A lightweight, quick fix AND long-term solution for puffy, tired-looking creases and bag that targets the three main causes for dark under eye circles — while illumination the eye area with optical effects for instant luminosity.
Pigmentation, visibly weakened capillaries and shadowing — while illuminating the eye area with optical effects for instant luminosity. Vibrancy eye provides pick-me-up powder and moisturization. On step and you’re prepped for makeup magic. A wonderful new shades highlighter debuts with the collection – Prep + Prime Highlighter is lush and cushiony, yet lightweight — in wonderful hues that provides a sheer wash of color to highlight, brighten and perfect. The click “pen” allows for exact application.

Release Date:
U.S.: April 7th 2011
Nederland: April 9th 2011

Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye ($30.00 €18,50)
A lightweight, quick fix and long term solution for puffy, tired-looking eyes

Prep + Prime Highlighter ($23.00 €27,00)
Light Boost: Soft yellow cream
Bright Forecast: Mid-tone peachy coral
Radiant Rose: Light shell pink

Those highlighters remind me of the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat but they are a lot cheaper. Are you interested in any of these products?

xoxo Kelly

Monday, April 4, 2011

NOTD: My first China Glaze polish! First Mate (Anchors Away Collection)

I bought my very first China Glaze nail polish! I'm a real OPI-fan but Christina convinced me to buy China Glaze. I bought First Mate from the Anchors Away Collection. It's a stunning navy blue with a cream finish. It could almost get away with just 1 coat, but to be on the safe side I applied two. So far I really like China Glaze, the only thing I really miss is the big wide brush like OPI has.

Which do you prefer: OPI or China Glaze?

xoxo Kelly

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shoplog Amsterdam

Hello girls!!

Yesterday I went shopping in Amsterdam.
I bought some cute things that I want to show you.
I really love to shop in Amsterdam, you have a lot of nice shops there, that we don't have here in the village that we live in:P
Ofcourse I also visited the Mac pro store, and just like many of you girls, I couldn't resist to buy something. So I bought a new blush "Fleur power" and a new lipstick "Impassioned" (review and swatches will follow soon).

Well, these are the things I bought:
Simple white T-shirt ( Zara: €7,95), white dress ( Amazon €29,95), blue top ( Zara €29,95), Earrings ( Unknown store Amsterdam €6,95), Pantalon ( Zara €24,95) Lipstick and Blush ( Mac €17,50 and €19,50)

I will show you some outfitpictures soon!

xoxo Christina

Products I Can't Live Without: Smith's Rosebud Salve

I looooove Smith's Rosebud Salve.
I really cary it with me everywhere I go, and since I started using this lipbalm I don't think I will ever go back to other regular lipbalms. It is a little pricey, I bought it for €9,95 at Douglas. But you don't need a lot and it lasts forever.
What are your favourite products you can't live without?


Adriana Lima Flawless Face

Came across this picture of the Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima yesterday and just had to share it with you girls. I love her!! I think she is a real natural beauty.
She doesn't need much to look gorgeous. As you can see in the picture they kept her make-up really simple and easy, no heavy eye make up, thick foundation or whatsoever.

I will try to do a FOTD inspired on the make up she wears in the picture soon. + I love the earrings and dress she is wearing!


Friday, April 1, 2011

NEW: L'oréal Paris Perfect Clean

I am very excited to tell you about this product I bought a few days ago at Etos for €8,99.
I was dying to try this out because I read a lot of good things about it and people were raving about this product like crazy. In Holland it came out last week and ofcourse I imidiately went to buy it.

There are 4 versions out there: 3 cleansers and one scrub.
One for every skintype.
They all come with a cleanPod: the cleanPod has very soft bristles (500!) which gently massage you're face without being to harsh.

I bought the Foaming Gentle Scrub for all skintypes, and Kelly bought the Foaming Gel Wash for normal/combination skin.

I will be posting a review on this in a week!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

E.L.F. Kabuki Face Brush Review

Today I will do a short review on the studio line Kabuki Face Brush from E.L.F.
I ordered it on and it costed me €3,50.

I bought this kabuki brush to apply my Mac MSF or any other loose/compact powders.
I really like it. The first thing that I want to say is that this brush is so incredibly soft!
It distributes a perfect layer of product on the face.
I have been using it for about a month right now and it never shed on me, neither did it get out of shape.
Also it has a nice size.
For only €3,50 this is a very affordable, good quality brush. I will definitely repurchase.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MAC Must-Haves: MSF Natural (Mineralize Skin Finish)

Product: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF) Natural
Price: €25,00
Availability: part of the permanent line

MAC describes it as:
A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

Why is it a must-have? (to me)
This product is a must have to me because it you can use in 2 different ways. You can use it over your foundation, like a setting-powder which gives you also a bit coverage or you can use this as your powder foundation, it has a light to medium coverage. It gives a beautiful natural finish. There are 8 colours available in the permanent line, the colour range goes from light to dark so there's something for everyone. I'm in the colour Medium Dark. I'm in love with this product, ever since I bought it I''ve been using it pretty much every day! I first apply some concealer to my problem areas, like my under eye circles and then I apply my MSF Natural all over my face using a big fluffy brush.

Do you own a MSF Natural? What shade are you?

xoxo Kelly

Monday, March 28, 2011

NOTD: Twilight Nails?! Eyeko Vampira Polish

Eyeko might call it Vampira Polish for gothic nails but it reminds me of Twilight. Eyeko says: Dare to wear this lust-worthy glossy black lacquer dripping with blood red shimmer. The formula is different than Saucy Polish, this one is more sheer, I applied 2 coats but I tihnk I should have done 3. Still it is a beautiful vampy colour, it's a black with a lot of red glitters. I love it! You can order Eyeko nail polishes online at, shipping to Europ is free and almost every week they have an offer of the week, you just have to type in a code and you will get a free gift.

Does this nail polish remind you of Twilight as well?

xoxo Kelly

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection, Summer 2011

Grab the board, hop in the Jeep, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway… Surf’s up! The lure of the endless summer starts here with My Paradise Cheek Powder, Mini Blush Sticks, a Summer Stash of Crushed Metallic Pigments, Hibiscus Lipstick and Splashproof Lash Mascara that just won’t smudge. Colourful, lustrous, and full of life… journey to a world where feeling the rush means taking a risk. Hang Ten!

Release date:
U.S.: May 26th 2011
Nederland: May 7th 2011

Blush ($18.50 €?)
My Paradise: Coral orange with champagne gold flower

Lipstick ($14.50 €17,50)
Bust Out!: Soft violet
Hibiscus: Bright coral
Naturally: Eccentric Nude

Lipglass ($14.50 €17,00)
Girl on Board: Sheer gold
Good Lovin’: Peach pink
Krazy Kahuna Medium brown
Strange Potion: Pink coral

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks
Summer Stash: Pale pink, gray pink, purple, taupe
Surf the Ocean: Silver, aqua, gold, navy blue

Eyeshadow ($14.50 €15,00)
Saffron: Coral
Short Shorts: White champagne
Sun Blonde: Yellow with gold pearl
Surf U.S.A.: Aqua with teal pearl
Swell Baby: Medium gray

Nail Lacquer ($13.50 €12,00)
Hangin’ Loose: Beige
Ocean Dip: Aqua teal

Eye Liner ($14.50 €13,00)
Blue Noon: Teal
Gilded White: Shimmering off-white

Bronzing Powder
Solar Riche

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder

Tan Tint
Billionaire Bronze Soft gold
Guilty Bronze Copper bronze

There will also be Blush Sticks and Suntints.

Will you be buying anything from this collection?

I'm not sure yet, but that Gilded White eyeliner is shouting my name, we'll see.

xoxo Kelly