Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chi iron Nano digital

Hello girls!

Today I want to tell you about my CHI flat iron. I've been using this hair tool a lot, I straighten my hair  almost every day with it. The flat iron is very easy to use, and you can control the heat up to a maximum of 200°C . It makes your hair really really soft and perfectly straight.
I bought it about a year ago for €139,-. It still works perfect and it was worth every penny. I use the flat iron in combination with my biosilk. These two really make the perfect match together. Whenever you straighten you hair make sure you protect your hair against damage by using a heat protector. A few heat protectors I like: biosilk, maroccan oil and TRESemmé.

Here is a picture of Liza's hair straightened with the CHI flat iron. Before straightening I put some biosilk in her hair to protect it and to make it ultra soft.

Which flat iron do you girls like the most?

xoxo Christina

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Anonymous said...

I never thought it could be possible. I own about 7-9 hair straighteners from cheap to deluxe. Not one of them could

penetrate my thick, curly hair enough to do anything other than heat up the cuticle and make sizzling noises. This iron is going to change my life. I spent 700 on ionic straightening, and this iron works

better!!!! If you spend any amount of time wielding a heavy blow dryer, forget about it. I used this iron on Air-dried, curly hair. I wish I could upload a digital photo- I look like a hair commercial.

Unbelievable but true!!! I LOVE IT!!!