Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chanel Eyeshadow duo 30 bleu - tendre

 I was so lucky when I got this Chanel eyeshadow duo as a gift from a friend's mother. I was chilling at her place, and suddenly she comes up with this eyeshadow! She knows I am a beauty freak, and gave it to me because the colors did not match her eyecolor. Yay lucky me! :)

So i decided to do a review on this;
The set normally comes with 2 applicators (wich I don't have because she lost them).
On to the colors: The one is a greyish/light blue color, and the other is a slightly grey/darkblue color. Both with very little shimmer, the lighter color has  more shimmer in it as it can be used as a highlighter in the inner-corner of the eye.The pigmentation is good , but not super good.
I think the colors are really pretty, they are perfect for a not too heavy smokey eye.
I am not sure about the price, but I think it is around €36,-.


without flash                                                                 with flash

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