Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi girlies, sorry for my 'long' absence!
I have been on a short vacation to Greece.
I am half greek and every single summer -and sometimes also winter like this time- I am going to Greece to visit my family and friends, and ofcourse spend a great time in this beautiful country! :)
I came back yesterday, and, as always when I return from Greece, I feel a little sad... I just feels so good when I am there. The climate, the people, the way of life.... Anyway, I just need a few days to acclimatize in Holland again!
I did not do much shopping, I guess eating,.. (i gained 2 kilo's in one week) spending time with my family and relaxing were my main activities.;)
The only beauty buy I did is MAC pink swoon blush (I have been lemming it for a long time!), a review on this product is coming up! Oh and I also bought some Crest toothpastes as they do not sell any Crest products in Holland, interesting huh!?


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Anonymous said...

lucky, i wish i was in Ellada!
that is weird about the toothpaste lol.