Friday, April 15, 2011

Review + Swatches: Diorskin Nude Foundation in 031 Sand (SPF10)

Hi girls,

Today I will review a high-end beauty product for you guys: The Diorskin Nude natural glow hydrating makup (SPF10).

What the packaging says: Diorskin Nude, the new face makeup that dazzles with freshness. The formulas contain a unique blend of 100% mineral pigments and energizing mineralized water to instantly recreate the perfection of flawless bare skin. Day after day, your skin looks more beautiful and radiant. Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup: this exquisitely silky fluid foundation envelops your skin in a halo of freshness and wellbeing.

This liquid foundation provides light medium/ to full coverage.
It is easy to blend and it is not drying. It really gives you a beautiful glowy/dewy finish that I love. I do use a setting powder over it though, to make sure it'll stay in place the whole day. Because it is a hydrating makeup, to me this is the perfect winter-time foundation, during winter my skin is always a little dry so this is a great solution. During summer though I wouldn't use this, the heat plus the fact that I have oily skin would make this foundation not work for me..

Ok, so far so good.. The packaging is gorgeous (as always). It comes in a glass bottle with a pump.. BIG plus..Very hygenic.
You have to shake very well because otherwise it can cause blockage in the pump.

As you can see I use this in the shade 31-Sand.
The colour range is as follows:
Neutral shades are 010, 020, 030, 040
Yellow undertones are 021, 031, 041
Pink undertones are 022, 032, 042
Peach undertones are 023, 033, 043

In MAC I am an NC30/35 so the MUA matched me with 031 Sand. Which seemed like the perfect match!
The only thing, and at the same time, that 'thing' is the biggest DOWNSIDE on this great foundation.. Is that is oxidizes like hell! The first few days it didn't catch my eye, but later on it striked me that after half an hour, the colour would just have turned two shades darker!!..
So I would really reccomend to always go one shade lighter than your regular shade.. So next time I would definitely go for 021 Linen.

I took some pictures to show you guys..

(outside with flash, just applied)                (outside without flash, just applied)

you can already see it drying up, and changing colour on the outside.
(outside with flash, after a couple of minutes)

(outside without flash, after a couple of minutes)

Do you see the difference? I really love the foundation, the way it applies, the way it looks etc.
This really is the only thing I don't like about it.
I paid €44,80 for it, it's a pretty expensive foundation so I decided to use it. I just mix it with other foundations to get the right colour..

What are you're experiences on this product, I would really like to know if somebody else has the same problem with this foundation..

Let me know!


Delyteful Speaks said...

I only got a sample of this foundation and I really liked it.. It applied so nicely on my skin and I looked glowy and fresh.. And I'm happy that it did stay on all day which surprised me considering the dewiness of it..

Still battling between this one and the Gurelain one though which is just as lovely..

Thanks for the lovely detailed review hun xoxx

Anonymous said...

This is actually such a good review. I am impressed. Thanks for posting it. I find that samples are always the best becuase so many times I'll pick a color and realize after application on a completely bare face that it doesn't match - so frustrating! For example, for the Laura Mercier I had to go to one of her darkest shades, and yet I am such a light skin tone (think MAC ncw 20). Have you tried the Mac fluid fondation?

Valley Doll said...

Ik wil deze al tijden kopen maar de prijs houdt me toch een beetje tegen. Wat vreemd dat de kleur wat verandert. Ikzelf heb kleur 10 à 20, veel lichter kan ik al niet meer gaan, haha :d
Fijne review hoor trouwens !

Evelien said...

Ik heb deze ook geprobeerd en had hetzelfde probleem en daarnaast was m niet voedend genoeg, jammer want als ik m net op had zag m er prachtig uit. Deze staat ook vaak op allcosmeticswholesale voor een goedekopere prijs :), tipje!!

KnitPastis said...

I have been wanting to try this foundation. Thanks for the review!

2befab said...

hi there...
if you go at my blog..there is an award for you...

Anonymous said...

How does this photograph at night? I've noticed it has SPF in it, so I am fearful it will make me look like a ghost at night!

Nisha said...

I am going to the store today and am debating which foundation samples to get. I may have to try this. There are many shades available so hopefully I can find one that matches my skin tone! Thanks for sharing!

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