Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: Miss Helen Eyeshadow Base (Hema)

Eyeshadow base, I can't live without one! They make your eyeshadows appear more vibrant and they make your eyeshadows stay on longer. A lot of brands sell eyeshadow bases but most of them are pretty expensive. Well I found a great one that is really cheap, it's only €3,25.

It comes in basic, simple looking packaging and it almost looks like a lipgloss, it also has a doe-foot applicator. The product itself looks white with a pearly finish. It stays on really well, I made this swatch and forgot to take it off and saw it before I went to bed and it was still on my arm. The only bad thing about this product is that you will never completely finish it if you leave in in the original packaging. Because of the doe-foot applicator you can't reach for all the product in tube so in the end you will have to cut it open. It would a lot easier if this product would come in a tube.

Do you know any other good and cheap eyeshadow bases?

xoxo Kelly


KnitPastis said...

That's great that you found this for such a cheap price! Looks nice and creamy. White does eye shadows pop more.

Valley Doll said...

Jaa ik heb die ook ! Werkt echt supergoed. Ik had mn eens op mn hand gedaan en dan in de douche gewees en gaan slapen en de dag er na zat ie er ook nog op !
Great budgettip !