Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shoplog Amsterdam

Hello girls!!

Yesterday I went shopping in Amsterdam.
I bought some cute things that I want to show you.
I really love to shop in Amsterdam, you have a lot of nice shops there, that we don't have here in the village that we live in:P
Ofcourse I also visited the Mac pro store, and just like many of you girls, I couldn't resist to buy something. So I bought a new blush "Fleur power" and a new lipstick "Impassioned" (review and swatches will follow soon).

Well, these are the things I bought:
Simple white T-shirt ( Zara: €7,95), white dress ( Amazon €29,95), blue top ( Zara €29,95), Earrings ( Unknown store Amsterdam €6,95), Pantalon ( Zara €24,95) Lipstick and Blush ( Mac €17,50 and €19,50)

I will show you some outfitpictures soon!

xoxo Christina

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Delyteful Speaks said...

oh i looove that blue top! it's stunning