Friday, March 25, 2011

E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal Review

Goodmorning girls,

Ok for those of you who do not want to read any further, and just like to know my overall opinion on this product: I LOVE IT !! And I would definitely buy again! (if not; in my next E.L.F. order, whether this one is finished or not, I am going to buy 3 of these just in case it discontinues)!

For those of you who want more information + pics: keep on reading!;)

So first of all: I bought this at for (ONLY) €1,-.
The delivery is very quick, we recieved our orders within 3 or 4 days can't remember exactly.

Do you see that beautiful glowy finish? I love it, After I apply my foundation I just put a little bit on my cheekbones, nose, and cupid's bow. Make sure you don't use too much, a little goes a long way, you don't want to look greasy and oily!!
I just squeeze a tiny dot on my fingertip, and that is enough to highlight my face.

They say Lilac Petal is the official dupe for Benefit High Beam highlighter. I have never used it myself but I can tell you that the E.L.F. version is much cheaper!;)

This is what the packaging looks like.
When I first got it, the tube was much smaller that I expected it would be,
but as I mentioned a little goes a long way.

If you are planning to order more cosmetics from E.L.F. I really recommend you to give this product a try. =)

Have a beautiful day,
xxx Liza


Lies said...

Wauw, ziet er mooi uit zeg!

KnitPastis said...

Just when I thought I had all the ELF products,now I spotted another one I might have to try out.LOL It looks so naturally beautiful on you!

Valley Doll said...

Oooh moet ik ook eens bestellen, heb ik altijd al eens willen proberen !

Evelien said...

Ziet er heel erg mooi uit :) en een zuinig product denk ik.