Monday, March 7, 2011

Ombre Hair: Do or Don't ?

Ok so girls I want you all to be honest!!! Lately I have been thinking about dying my hair like this:
Lily Aldrigde

Most likely all of you know this trend is called Ombre Hair.
Ombre Hair is accomplished by creating dark roots and the color is fading lighter towards the ends.
It looks like they were just too lazy to go for a touch-up, but no: they are doing this on purpose!
A lot of celebrities were spotted with this look. I personally think that Lily Aldrigde is the #1 when it comes to Ombre Hair. Here are few pictures of celebrities rocking this look:


This is me last summer, I just had my hair highlighted a few times.
You can see my natural haircolor at my roots. Right now the color of the highlights are almost faded away, you can still see them a little in the ends only. So I am thinking to make the grown-out highlights stand out a little bit more by making them 2 shades lighter then my own haircolor. (ombre hair right;)! )

What do you think? Should I just highlight my hair or go for the Ombre look!??
Please comment and let me know! xxxLiza


Delyteful Speaks said...

I love ombre hair.. I think it's effortlessly cool..

Valley Doll said...

Zeker doen ! Ik twijfel er ook over om het te laten doen, Het is zoo superchique !
ps : happy birthday voor gisteren ;-)

Lynn said...

Gewoon doen Liza!!

KnitPastis said...

Love Sara's hair! I did not know this was called Ombre hair. So pretty.