Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MAC Angel lipstick review

Today's review is going be about the famous Mac lipstick in the colour 'angel' (frost finish) that we all know Kim Kardashian wears a lot.
Mac calls this a soft pink, which I think it is. It's a very light creamy pink without shimmer or whatsoever. Even though it's a frost finish, I don't really notice that .
(yay! ..I don't like metallic finishes at all).

It has a good staying power (at least 2/3 hours) but I do need a several layers to get good colour. Also it can be a bit drying, so I always put on some Rosebud salve lipbalm on my lips before I apply the lipstick.

(without flash indoors)

'Angel' looks very pretty with a smokey eye, but you can also wear it with your everyday look.
It can be worn on its own, but it is also very nice with a lipgloss over it to make it more shiny.

The lipstick costs €17,50 and contains 3G.
XXX Liza.


Anonymous said...

geia sas koritsia! i don't know which (or both) of you is half Greek & posted the comment on my blog but thank you & if you do get a tattoo be sure to post it on here as i am now following & would love to see it!

justsoyouknow said...

Now that is a huge difference. I thought they were two entirely different colors.
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