Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chanel 2.55 bag, a.k.a "the classic bag"

We decided to make a post about the 2.55 bag because we LOVE this bag.
It's just perfect and you can wear it with anything!
The bag was designed in 1955 by Coco Chanel. In 2005, on the 50th anniversary of the 2.55 the bag was reintroduced by Karl lagerfeld.
The 2.55 is the ultimate Chanel bag. These bags are worn by fashionistas, celebrities and even royaltys all over the world!

The Bag

Celebrities with the bag

The bag costs about 1200 € - 3000 € . It depends on the size of the bag, and on the country where you buy it. Too bad that most of us aren't able to spend such an amount of money on a bag.
But fortunately there are a lot of look alikes available. Check it out below.

From left to right:

*, Polka dot quilt cross body bag, € 27,-
*, ASOS quilted lock across body, € 18,-
   available in the colours pastel, black, white and nude.
*, The chelsea pearl, € 50,-

xxx C.



Doe mij er maar ook een :p

ROBINE said...

Ahhh die wil ik zo graag.
Een zwarte met zilvere hardware.
Oooit zal ik er een hebben haha, even doorsparen ;)

xx Robine